AKG K 240 Studio – Auriculares Profesional

AKG K 240 Studio – Auriculares Profesional

AKG K 240 Studio - Auriculares Profesional

  • Impedancia de 55 Ohmios
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 15 – 25000Hz
  • Sensibilidad: 91 dB/mW

The K240 Studio is a long-time studio standard. Its advanced Varimotion transducers provide wide range, detail, and much higher sensitivity than comparably priced headphones. The semi-open design delivers rock-solid low end and accurate imaging. The K 240 Studio is the standard for precision listening in the studio. For over twenty years, professional engineers and musicians have made the AKG K 240 studio headphones the best selling and most widely used headphones in large studios, sound stages, and orchestras around the world. Reliable, comfortable and true, the K 240 Studio headphones from AKG lend well to professional and project studios alike.So, how does AKG improve on a standard headphone? How about making it even more versatile! Giving the K 240 Studio a low impedance XXL transducer with patented AKG Varimotion technology, these headphones deliver a more accurate signal transfer and greater dynamic range than previously possible. Most importantly, the AKG K 240 Studio headphones play louder than ever before – on ANY system, including iPods and portable music players!The AKG K 240 Studio’s plug-in cable boasts a mini XLR connector, letting you just replace the cable in the event of a disaster rather than purchasing a new set of AKG K 240 Studio headphones. The semi-open design gives you the airiness of an open headphone coupled with the solid bass response you get from closed headphone designs. The result: open balanced natural sound that delivers every time!

List Price: EUR 91,90

Price: EUR 91,90

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