Anthology Of Thick Black Theory: Collected Works Of Li Zongwu

Anthology Of Thick Black Theory: Collected Works Of Li Zongwu

Anthology Of Thick Black Theory: Collected Works Of Li Zongwu

Own the complete translations of Li Zongwu’s classic, banned works on power, philosophy and existence, including:

-Thick Black Theory
-Psychology And Mechanics
-I Distrust The Saints
-Henpecked Philosophy
-The Biography Of Li

“Knowing [Thick Black Theory] is about learning how to handle people, which is very useful, especially when it comes to dealing with corrupt officials .”
-Mao Shoulong, public-policy professor at Renmin University

Li Zongwu, a disgruntled politician published it in 1911, a year of chaos in China, when Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Ching dynasty and set up the Chinese Republic.

Li was a scientist of political intrigue. He writes: “When you conceal your will from others, that is Thick. When you impose your will on others, that is Black.

Thick Black Theory describes the ruthless, hypocritical means men use to obtain and hold power.

It went through several printings before being banned as subversive.“ – Success Magazine

“Uncover The First, Best And ONLY Translation”
This is not a watered down version of the real Thick Black Theory.

This is not Thick Black Theory wrapped in high-fructose Buddhism in order to appeal to baby boomers.

This is the FIRST, and the ONLY translation of Li Zongwu’s original Thick Black Theory outside of Chinese language, that will show you exactly how to TAKE everything you want from life without fear, anger or guilt…

Thick Black Theory is a classic treatise on Strategy, similar to Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War.

However, Thick Black Theory is more simple on the surface, easier to understand, contains immediately actionable material and provides a higher level of strategic abstraction than The Art Of War.

Anyone who loves The Art Of War, Machiavelli, The 48 Laws Of Power, etc. will also love Thick Black Theory.

“Ambitious leaders are advised to first read Houheixue, or Thick Black Theory – A classic of political dark arts published in the last century.” -BBC World News


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