dB Technologies Opera 515 DX 15″ Active Powered PA Speaker Disco Party DJ Stage Gig Monitor 400W, [Importado de UK]

dB Technologies Opera 515 DX 15″ Active Powered PA Speaker Disco Party DJ Stage Gig Monitor 400W, [Importado de UK]

dB Technologies Opera 515 DX 15

  • Suitable for musicians, DJs, clubs and performers
  • Asymmetrical horn throws greater distance
  • High frequency distributes evenly across audience area
  • Superior low freq driver for deep bass tones
  • Si el producto tiene enchufe puede necesitar un adaptador para clavija de Reino Unido. Si el producto tiene teclado, es configuración de Reino Unido

The Opera 515 DX 15″ active speaker speaks volume, bass and pin-point accuracy for musicians, DJs and PA. Credible for small-medium venues and bringing together a host of collaborative features to optimise sound efficiency, this enclosure is built with dB Technologies expert manufacturing and quality audio parts. With dB Technologies asymmetrical horn design, higher frequencies are thrown further and equally across the span of your audience; meaning a flawless coverage for small crowds. Powered by a high-efficiency class-D amplifier and balanced with a DSP processor: your sound output is balanced and depleted of problem frequencies; delivering a warm, crisp response for PA applications. The low noise reflex port at the side of the horn reduces any annoying wind noise that could affect your sound output, and instead helps to generate a tight, focused bass response. A multiband limiter restricts the signal addressed to the speaker, avoiding possible damage to your speaker over time and maintaining a stable audio coherence under stress and pressure. With multifunctional built housing, the speaker can be used as a stage monitor or can be pole mounted and combined with subwoofers. Lightweight and portable polypropylene body ensures a robust structure built to withstand heavy use, and moulded-in handles allows the user to promptly pick up and whisk away to the next venue. Don’t just take our word for it: dB Technologies sound enclosures may have been tried and tested rigorously before shipping; but we encourage you to witness the power for yourself. All Opera speakers are set up in our PA demonstration room, ready to be critiqued and compared against other systems.

List Price: EUR 446,90

Price: EUR 446,90

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