How to Do Everything iPad

How to Do Everything iPad

How to Do Everything iPad

Tap into every feature of your iPad!

Get the most out of the revolutionary iPad with help from this easy-to-follow guide. Covering both the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G models, How to Do Everything: iPad shows you how to quickly master the basics, such as customizing your iPad, using the Multi-Touch screen, accessing the Internet through wireless and cellular connections, syncing, and backing up your data. Learn to use Mail, Safari, iBooks, iTunes, Maps, the App Store, and much more. View photos and video, create a slideshow, watch movies, use GPS, and play games. If you’re looking for a book as cutting-edge and streamlined as the iPad itself, you found it!

  • Configure, register, customize, sync, and back up your iPad
  • Select a data plan for your iPad 3G
  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks, access the web, and surf with Safari
  • Set up Mail and integrate with various email accounts
  • Install iBooks and download and read books
  • Download and run cool apps from the App Store
  • View, manage, and share photos and videos
  • Set up iTunes, sync music and media from your computer, download songs, and create playlists
  • Rent, purchase, download, and watch movies and TV shows
  • Manage your contacts and schedule and keep notes
  • Navigate with GPS and Maps
  • Discover, download, and play awesome games
  • Take advantage of the iPad’s built-in accessibility features, including VoiceOver and Zoom


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