Low Carb Desserts: 22 Recipes • ZERO Sweeteners • Limited Edition Gift! (English Edition)

Low Carb Desserts: 22 Recipes • ZERO Sweeteners • Limited Edition Gift! (English Edition)

Low Carb Desserts: 22 Recipes • ZERO Sweeteners • Limited Edition Gift! (English Edition)

The irresistible desserts that kept me motivated to lose 98 pounds

22 Recipes • ZERO Sweeteners • 5 Dieting Mindset Tools • Limited Edition Bonus Gift

Lost 98 pounds!

Hello, fellow cooks! When I embarked on my quest to slim down from 19 stones to 12 (266 pounds to 168 pounds), I never thought I would be able to stick to a diet. My sweet tooth is insatiable: I can’t live without desserts! So I developed a range of low carb treats that satisfy my cravings while still allowing me to lose weight.

If you completely deprive yourself of desserts, then your diet will fail. My recipes literally allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

Maximum taste with zero sweeteners or processed sugars

When I started my diet, I switched to sweeteners. BIG MISTAKE! Not only did these give me a sugar crash after eating, they actually caused me to gain weight.

My desserts have zero sweeteners, as I have selected natural ingredients that are irresistibly delicious but still low in carbs and calories.

There is a lot of misleading and contradicting information on sweeteners, so I have included an additional section that explains the 3 specific problems of processed sugars. All claims are supported by scientific studies.

22 mouth-watering recipes

There’s a wide variety of options from classic favourites such as Lemon Pie, Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cookies to exciting new recipes such as Sunflower Waffles, Almond Banana Bread and No-Cook Bars. Mmmmm… not only are they irresistible and easy-to-make, but they will fill your kitchen with sensuous aromas!

Pace your diet with comprehensive nutritional information

The lack of nutritional information in recipe books was a major frustration during my diet. For my recipes, I have broken down the values.

By checking the carb counts and pacing yourself, it’s possible to enjoy treats on a daily basis while still losing weight.

Extra nutritional data is provided for people following alternative diets (such as low cal, low fat or low salt).

Let your diet succeed with 5 mindset tools

I have included the 5 mindset tools that allowed me to rapidly lose weight and keep it off. They also helped me to form good habits in other areas of life.

Limited edition free gift

I want to thank you for buying this book, so I have included an extra downloadable gift that greatly helped my diet. I plan to sell this gift as a separate product, so get it now before it is removed from the book.

I want you to succeed at your diet

I sincerely want you to enjoy this book. My email address is in the book so you can contact me directly with any issues or requests and I will consider them for future updates.

The price of the book will soon increase to .99, so buy now to lock-in the special launch price and receive all updates for FREE!

All recipes are suitable for vegetarians.

Free Updates List

28 Dec: By popular demand: Free gift updated. Availability period extended.

22 Sep: New Cover + 2 new recipes

30 Oct: Improved table of contents – Because you requested it, I have improved the table of contents for quick access to recipes


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