Software for Productive People And Businesses: The Guidebook To The Best And Latest Apps, Websites And Online Services. (English Edition) Reviews

Software for Productive People And Businesses: The Guidebook To The Best And Latest Apps, Websites And Online Services. (English Edition)

Software for Productive People And Businesses: The Guidebook To The Best And Latest Apps, Websites And Online Services. (English Edition)

Why you should read this book

Have you ever spent half a day looking for the best alternatives of video and photo editing software?

Or resume builder website?

Looking for project or property management software?

Need the best browser extension for screen recording?

What is the best mobile app for exercise and healthy eating?

As a small business owner, have you ever spent countless hours choosing the best alternatives for CRM, accounting, and payroll software?

When I was building my website, I had to ask countless questions like “What’s the best add-on to schedule and track my emails?” “What’s the best on-demand service for legal advice?” “Which service should I use to put together a ‘Terms of Service’ for my website? ” and “What are the best browser extensions to help me focus better?”

You will find the answer to these and hundreds of other questions in this book.

Searching for the best software alternatives is always time-consuming and frustrating. While latest technology can increase your productivity in all parts of life, choosing the best web services, websites and mobile apps out of the countless options can actually inhibit your productivity.

With the help of an online community, I did an extensive review of the best productivity software. With this guidebook at your side, you won’t have to do time-consuming and painful online research again.

All software suggestions described in this book have been thoroughly reviewed based on the software’s functionality, user experience, and design. Over 5,000 tools were considered, and over 800 of the best ones were thoughtfully selected for this book.

This book is the result of the crowdsourced effort by people building and contributing to Zen Market, a discovery search engine designed to help people overcome choice overload when looking for the best software alternatives.

Why you should get this book:

– This is the first book of its kind – a thorough and crowd-sourced review of productivity software for individuals and businesses.

– This book has over 800 community-reviewed mobile apps, web services, and websites for every occasion.

– This book will help you stay on top of modern technology – by using suggestions from the book, you will save days of time and hundreds of dollars.

– You will learn many interesting facts, including:

— what “infobesity” is and where the word came from,

— why “choice overload” causes anxiety in us and what to do about it,

— how companies like Google, Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and Y Combinator use algorithms and human intelligence to curate data, products, services, people and other companies,

— what a “Great Enabler” is and why software is the best candidate to be called a “Great Enabler”,

— how technology saves us money and time,

— how technology helps workers acquire new skills and why this is important for our future economy,

— why now is the easiest time to start a business and how this is related to the “software overload” problem,

— the best apps for common problems, as well as some surprising ones – like ordering weed delivery and monitoring your posture.

Table of Content

Why you should read this book

The future has arrived

A great enabler

Value of Technology

The Overload


Everyday Tools

Chapter 1: Web Search

Chapter 2: Email

Chapter 3: Browser

Chapter 4: Marketplaces and On-demand Services

Chapter 5: Exercise, Food and Health

Chapter 6: Entertainment and Home

Chapter 7: Travel and Transportation

Chapter 8: Skills and Jobs

Chapter 9: Legal and Finances

Chapter 10: Web Design and Development

Chapter 11: Business Productivity


Team Collaboration

CRM and Sales

Analytics and Survey

HR and Training

Payments and payroll



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