Stanley – Botella Termo

Stanley – Botella Termo

Stanley - Botella Termo

  • 20 años de garantía
  • Acero inoxidable 18/8
  • Aisló la taza 0,5 litros , el legendario clásico
  • El lavavajillas
  • Evita salpicaduras
  • Mantiene las bebidas calientes una hora
  • Paredes con doble aislamiento
  • Rust resistente y naturalmente sin Bisfenol -A ( BPA)
  • tapa con bisagras

Sized for mobility.

With all the strength and function of its bigger brothers, this 1.1QT bottle packs easier than larger vacuum bottles when space is a premium. Fully leak proof, it’ll keep your drink warm and your pack dry.

  • Compact design. Stashes easily in pack.
  • Vacuum insulation. Keeps hot/cold 15 hours.
  • Protective double-wall construction. Takes a beating and still performs.
  • Insulated lid. Doubles as an 8-oz. drinking cup.
  • Leak-proof stopper. Locks it in. Turns + pours from front/back.
  • Stainless steel. Built tough. No liners/coatings.
  • Rustproof finish. Withstands weather and wear.

List Price: EUR 35,28

Price: EUR 31,82

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